Learning Environments & Tools

Learning Environments & Tools

Learning Environments & Tools (LET) manages bCourses, the university's Learning Management System, and other tools that support teaching like Gradescope, Clickers, and Turnitin. You can meet with a member of LET for an individual consultation in-person or online. LET also offers regular workshops at the Academic Innovation Studio (Dwinelle 117) on how to best use technology in the classroom. 

noah wittman profile pic Noah Wittman, Manager of Learning Environments and Tools

I love creating and learning new things and empowering others to do the same. Our team helps UC Berkeley instructors create inspiring and impactful learning experiences using online platforms and digital tools.  We consult with individual instructors but also spend much of our time thinking about service design, communications, and support for thousands of courses and tens of thousands of students each year. 

Whether we are helping an instructor produce a video for online learning, use Clickers for interactivity in a large auditorium, or implement an online tool, such as SuiteC, to foster peer collaboration, what matters most is the impact on student learning. Improving the student learning experience is the bottom line and primary motivation for all of our work.

Becca LongBecca Long, Course Evaluations Coordinator

As a student at UC Berkeley the university helped shape me in many ways and I’m excited to be a part of shaping Berkeley now and in the future. I love learning new and different things and knowing that I’ve had an impact on the world around me, especially when it comes to data and technology. My work with DLS allows me to be an active part of supporting the UC Berkeley community and gives me the opportunity to help people while increasing my ability and understanding of our various tools.

Joe Feria-GaliciaJoseph Feria-Galicia, Accessibility Team Lead

In 1995, at the age of 39, my older brother lost his eyesight. His subsequent struggle to engage in the world was tenuous and directly impacted his will to live. His transition was improved with the advent of computer software that reads content on websites and downloadable documents. This “screen reader” technology not only generated new venues for him to interact with others, but also gave him a sense of hope and possibilities for his future.

Because of this direct experience, I am particularly passionate about developing robust courses that are accessible for all learners. I strive to design and promote ADA compliant content for multiple learning styles and abilities that are easy for screen reader users to navigate. These goals are pedagogically founded and linked to civil rights struggles for historically excluded populations. Digital Learning Services' commitment to these principles is embraced across all of our production and management teams, and I’m proud that my work here can impact the lives of so many people.

Judy Stern Judy Stern, Service Lead

I came to Berkeley as a grad student in Education, and though my original intent was to become an academic/researcher, I soon found that, more than the research itself, I enjoyed work that supported research: designing software for use in the classroom. Fortunately, I was able to transition my research position into a staff position. Shortly afterwards, QuickTime (Apple’s digital video technology) came on to the scene and, realizing how powerful it was going to be for instruction, and that instructors (and others) needed help in using it, I started teaching workshops on campus about the technology (as well as writing books and speaking at conferences), which soon expanded to taking a broader role providing a range of instructional technology training opportunities for faculty. Still later, my knowledge of digital video, facilitation skills, and interest and experience in the field that was then starting to be called UX helped me transition my role to one of a UX Lead for an open source project. More recently (as our organization shifted towards an IT Service Management model), I added service management and service design to my job.

I feel fortunate to have a job that lets me focus on two things I care about: 1) how people think and learn (about technology or anything else), and 2) ensuring that experiences of all types—whether it be learning about technology or using software/services—are  clear, satisfying, and productive for all parties involved.

miles lincoln headshotMiles Lincoln, Service Lead

I'm responsible for Berkeley’s course evaluation service. Working with staff in 65+ departments and programs across campus, my goal is to facilitate the collection of feedback that gives students a voice, and helps instructors inform their teaching. When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm probably on a bike.

Seyon WindSeyon Wind, Support Lead

From a young age I have had an interest and aptitude for learning and technology, and delight in the process of finding solutions that simplify and enrich our lives on- and offline.

As the first in my family to attend college, I believe in the transformative power of education. I am inspired daily by the aspirations and hard work of UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff.

Steven WilliamsSteven Williams, Service Lead