October 8, 2020

If you see an error message of “Application Error”, please send an email to (not to “customer care” as the error indicates) and the support team can resolve the issue by repairing your account. Currently, this particular issue must be fixed on a case-by-case basis, and we need to know who you are to resolve. (It is helpful if you provide a screenshot, too.)

September 14, 2020

Instructors are reporting playback issues. There continue to be occasional errors in upload and delays in transcoding following uploads and/or editing. 

Please send email to if you experience issues with Kaltura.

We can fix some issues, and it allows us to track how you are impacted.  

September 10, 2020

Last week Kaltura stated that issues related to the migration to Amazon Web Services would be resolved over the Labor Day weekend. However, while we have seen some improvements, we have received tickets identifying new issues with: 

  • Delays in video uploads

  • Delays in video *transcoding and processing 

Kaltura has acknowledged these issues and has provided the following update as of [9/10/20 at 2:25 PDT]

September 2, 2020

Over the last few weeks, instructors and students have reported issues related to: 

  • Access to My Media and Media Gallery.

  • Ability to play videos in My Media and Media Gallery, as well as embedded videos.

  • Extremely long delays, time outs, and/or total inability to upload videos

  • Extremely long delays and/or inability to process video for distribution (transcoding).

August 14, 2020

Syncing issues with video and audio have occurred with longer dual-stream videos (i.e. those in which you capture both Camera and Screen). To avoid these issues we recommend that you:

August 7, 2020

Screenshot of bCourses/Canvas Zoom Integration

Updated Zoom Integration to be Released August 15th, 2020

May 18, 2020

Research Teaching and Learning (RTL) is pleased to announce the arrival of two key teaching and learning infrastructure improvements for fall 2020. The first is the Kaltura audio/video management platform. The second is significant updates to classroom capture hardware. With start-up funding generously provided by the UC Berkeley Student Technology Fund, together these improvements will provide instructors and students with needed virtual and physical classroom capabilities.

April 28, 2020

Summer Sessions 2020 will be conducted in a remote instruction format. To support instructors, DLS has developed the following resources also available on the DLS website Summer Sessions page.

February 19, 2020

On Wednesday February 19 2020, BOA was updated to add the following features and enhancements:

January 9, 2020

On Thursday January 9 2020, BOA was updated with the following features and enhancements:

December 11, 2019

On Wednesday December 11 2019, BOA was updated:

November 20, 2019

On Wednesday November 20 2019, BOA was updated with the following new features and enhancements:

screenshot of canvas's new gradebook

New Gradebook Released January 6th, 2020

October 30, 2019

On Wednesday October 30 2019, BOA was updated with the following enhancements:

October 25, 2019

October 10, 2019

On Thursday October 10 2019, BOA was updated with the following new features and enhancements:

September 20, 2019

On Friday, September 20 2019, BOA was updated with the following enhancements and features:

August 29, 2019

On Thursday 8/29/19, BOA was updated with the following new features and enhancements:

August 14, 2019

Planning to use the iClicker system this fall? Here’s what you need to know:

First time users have a place to start

Check out our Clickers Instructors Getting Started Page which walks you through obtaining and using the necessary hardware and software.

August 12, 2019

The BOA team is currently working on enhancements to the platform, including:

  • the ability to expand all advising notes and search within an individual student’s notes (early September)
  • information about student-athlete status (late September)
  • increased availability of records for inactive/dismissed students (late September)
  • templates for Advising Notes (late September)