BOA Updates: Wednesday 2/19/20

February 19, 2020

On Wednesday February 19 2020, BOA was updated to add the following features and enhancements:

  • Cohort History
    All BOA cohorts now provide information about students who have been added or removed from a cohort, due to newly meeting or no longer meeting the cohort criteria. This feature is available in all existing and newly created cohorts (note: cohort history is not available for dates prior to 2/19/20).

  • Curated Groups as Cohort Filters
    When creating a Cohort, advisors can now use their Curated Groups as a filter. This allows advisors to use BOA's powerful data-driven cohort filters as a way to better analyze and understand trends and patterns within their manually-created Curated Groups.

  • Cohort Filter: College
    Advisors can now create Cohorts based on a student's college affiliation (L&S, CoE, CNR, CED, CoC, etc.)

  • Search History
    Advisors' most recent searches are now saved within BOA, and can be easily selected to re-run a previous search.

  • New Sorting Options
    When sorting students in Cohort or Curated Group List View, advisors can now change the sort order between lowest-highest and highest-lowest.