Kaltura Capture auto-update causes crashing (and how to avoid)

January 25, 2021

Update 1/26/21: Due to the issues described in this article, Kaltura has disabled the update to the newer version, but those whose applications were already auto-updated may still experience crashing. Bottom line for all users: If Kaltura Capture crashes repeatedly each time you launch it, simply reboot your computer. There is no need to revert to the older version; once you have rebooted, you should no longer experience crashing. If rebooting doesn't solve the problem, email kalturahelp@berkeley.edu.

A new version of the Kaltura Capture desktop application (4.2.122) has been released.

The application will attempt to auto-update the next time you open it; however, the auto-updated application is likely to crash when you attempt to use it. To avoid crashing, you can do one of the following: 

  • Reboot your computer after the auto-update occurs. 
  • Instead of relying on the auto-update, you can update manually: go to bCourses, open your My Media, click Add New and select Kaltura Capture. If you are asked if you want to open Kaltura Capture, click Cancel and on the “The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder” web page, click the Download link appropriate for your platform, and manually download the installer. (If your installation process does not overwrite your older version of Kaltura Capture from your hard disk, we suggest you delete that older version so that there is no possibility of confusion.)

You can verify the version on the splash screen when the application is opening; the new version is 4.2.122. (If you miss the splash screen, click the Manage link and then switch to the information tab.)

Before starting any new recording (on either Mac or Windows), check that your audio source is correctly set to your microphone. 

We highly recommend doing a short test recording after the update to make sure that everything is working correctly on your system. Email kalturahelp@berkeley.edu if you have any issues or questions.

If you are curious about what is new in this release, see the Kaltura Capture release notes.