Kaltura Capture update

June 10, 2021

Update 6/15/21: The enabling of auto-updating was delayed until today. It is now auto-updating during idle as expected. (If you let it idle prior to today, the update did not occur, so you'll want to try again.) However, some users are reporting that after the update completes, the application does NOT automatically restart, and if they try to open it, they get a message that the application quit unexpectedly; if this happens to you, please restart your computer and then open Kaltura Capture again. 

On Sunday 6/13/21, Kaltura will enable auto-updating of the Kaltura Capture desktop recording tool to the latest version 4.2.141. This update is highly recommended as it fixes several issues present in previous versions. 

However, the auto-update is triggered by the application being idle for 5 minutes, and there is no notification that the update is in progress once it begins. In the past, this has caused problems for users planning to start a recording session and unexpectedly encountering the update process.

Our recommendation is to plan ahead and trigger the update deliberately by opening the application and letting it sit idle until the update is complete. Once the update is completed, the application will restart and can be used normally.

To confirm that the update has completed, you can either observe the opening splash screen when the application is opening or, once it is open, you can click on Manage under the logo and then click on the info tab in the left column (the i in a circle.)  The version listed should be 4.2.141.

Please contact kalturahelp@berkeley.edu if you have questions or encounter any problems with the update.