Kaltura Capture users should update to latest version (4.2.110)

October 26, 2020

A new version of the Kaltura Capture desktop application has been released. You can verify the version that you are using currently on the splash screen when the application is opening; the previous version was 4.2.83 and the new version is 4.2.110. (If you miss the splash screen, click the Manage link and then switch to the information tab.)

We recommend updating, as 4.2.110 fixes bugs which have resulted in problematic recordings. Specific issues resolved:

  • (Mac and Windows) The issues causing out of sync recording between the screen capture and webcam capture and audio sync issues
  • (Mac only) The issue preventing generating chapters/slides from PowerPoint presentations 

How to update for Mac users

Open the Kaltura Capture application and let it sit idle. It will automatically check for an update and when it sees that there is a new version, it will automatically download the new version. This may take up to five minutes to occur. At that point, Kaltura Capture will quit and automatically install the new version. Once this has happened, you must manually restart your computer in order for Kaltura Capture to work correctly.

How to update for Windows users

Do NOT use the auto-update as described above, as some users have reported errors when they do this. Instead, go to bCourses and open your My Media. Click Add New and select Kaltura Capture. On the “The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder” web page, click Download for Windows and manually download the installer. Run the installer and reboot your computer once it is done.

Notes for all users

Before starting any new recording (on either Mac or Windows), check that your audio source is correctly set to your microphone. 

We highly recommend doing a short test recording after the update to make sure that everything is working correctly on your system. Email kalturahelp@berkeley.edu if you have any issues or questions.