Kaltura issues ongoing but should end before Monday 9/7

September 2, 2020

Over the last few weeks, instructors and students have reported issues related to: 

  • Access to My Media and Media Gallery.

  • Ability to play videos in My Media and Media Gallery, as well as embedded videos.

  • Extremely long delays, time outs, and/or total inability to upload videos

  • Extremely long delays and/or inability to process video for distribution (transcoding).

  • Failure of machine captioning for interactive and downloadable transcripts

  • Failures to save edits made with the Kaltura Editor 

The vendor admits they were not fully prepared for the increased demands on their systems as schools and universities began the start of the academic year across the country, despite a rapid spring/summer expansion of their server capacity. This was exacerbated by a global internet outage last Sunday, leading to a backlog of computational tasks for an already stressed system.

Kaltura has pushed forward with their planned migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and committed to clearing the queue of videos waiting for upload by the end of this weekend, after which we should no longer see issues with uploading or transcoding videos. If you experience issues and there is a video that you need to share between now and then, Google Drive sharing (as done in Spring 2020) is a robust backup.

We, along with many other universities, have expressed to Kaltura our dissatisfaction with these disruptions to teaching and learning.  We will be following up with them in regards to their contractual agreements with our campus to ensure this doesn’t happen again. 

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we address these issues, and please know that our team is assisting where possible with the concerns related to this service. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more.