Kaltura issues with video upload and processing

September 10, 2020

Last week Kaltura stated that issues related to the migration to Amazon Web Services would be resolved over the Labor Day weekend. However, while we have seen some improvements, we have received tickets identifying new issues with: 

  • Delays in video uploads

  • Delays in video *transcoding and processing 

Kaltura has acknowledged these issues and has provided the following update as of [9/10/20 at 2:25 PDT]

  • Uploads: You may experience delays with uploads as well as issues with upload functionality, such as progress bar stuck, error messages and incomplete uploads. Our team has identified the root cause and is working to resolve. 

  • Transcode: Users may experience longer than expected processing time to encode entries that have been successfully uploaded. The root cause has been identified and our engineering team is working on the solution as a top priority.

Along with many other universities, we are participating in frequent conference calls with Kaltura leadership where we have expressed our dissatisfaction with these disruptions. We are working with our partner campuses across the country in a unified response to the vendor.

Please continue to submit any and all issues to kalturahelp@berkeley.edu, so we can diagnose, resolve, escalate, and document and quantify as needed.  We thank you again for your ongoing patience as we address these issues with Kaltura, and please know that our team is assisting where possible with the concerns related to this service. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. 

*The creation of adaptive versions of the videos to accommodate various viewer bandwidth limitations and/or preferences.