OpenLearn (Canvas Catalog)

About OpenLearn (Canvas Catalog)

OpenLearn is a new service designed to meet the needs of non-degree online programs providing professional learning experiences (executive ed,  certificates, and continuing education, etc.) to learners around the world. The service is built around the Canvas Catalog platform and the Canvas LMS (a separate instance, but the same software as bCourses). 


  • program listing/ catalog
  • user registration
  • account management
  • automated enrollment
  • payment gateway
  • enrollment metrics
  • integration with Canvas LMS  (as an alternative to bCourses, which is for matriculated students only)
  • Kaltura Media Platform (Available to all users as part of Canvas LMS)

About the Pilot

If the above sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you!

Strong candidates for the pilot program are academic departments or business units with dedicated program staff (knowledge of Canvas helpful) and at least 30 days lead time.  

If you are  interested in joining the OpenLearn pilot, please contact us at

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