Gradescope Instructors & GSIs Getting Started

Instructors and GSIs Get Started with Gradescope

Berkeley has a site license for access to Gradescope. All features and functionality are freely available to instructors.

To get started:

  1. Login here using your CalNet to create an account instructor account at Gradescope
  2. Create Gradescope course
  3. Create Gradescope assignment(s)
  4. To use bCourses integration:
    1. Link Gradescope course to bCourses roster (see "Adding students and staff via Canvas..")
    2. Create bCourses assignment to add item to grade book
      1. We recommend setting this as a "No Submission" assignment, as students will submit via Gradescope.
    3. Link Gradescope assignment to bCourses assignment
      1. When you have finished grading in Gradescope, you can sync your scores into the bCourses grade book.
    4. Add Gradescope link to course navigation in bCourses setting
    5. Refer to this support article or video for additional detail

Scanning Resources

Usage of Gradescope for exams works best when combined with adequate scanning resources. Several departments have dedicated resources for scanning large numbers of exams.

AIS Scanning Station

The Academic Innovation Studio (Dwinelle 117) has a Gradescope scanning station available for use. The station is a computer with a connected scanner capable of processing 60 double-sided pages per minute. Users can upload scanned assignments directly to Gradescope from the scanning station, save them via a file storage tool (Google Drive/Box), or store them on their own USB drive.

Please use this reservation calendar to book the scanning station.

Storing Paper Copies of Assignments Processed with Gradescope

Gradescope has been determined by the Berkeley academic senate to be a satisfactory electronic substitute to providing a hard-copy, meeting the requirements of Berkeley Division Regulation A251. It is not necessary to retain hard copies of exams that have been administered with Gradescope.