What We Do

Digital Learning Design + Strategies

Our Digital Learning Specialists work with instructors to:

  • Develop the framework, content, and learning strategies for learners to master the concepts of complicated subject matter and achieve established learning goals.
  • Transform traditional on-ground course material or unpublished, pre-developed academic concepts and content into formats best suited for hybrid and online learning.
  • Design and support the sychronous learning and content sharing in a highly interactive, engaging format. 

Digital Media Design, Production and Editing

Our Digital Media Specialists provide expert services in video, audio and visual design for:

  • Art and design concept and creation
  • Scripting, writing, editing, storytelling, and coaching
  • Directing and on-camera coaching
  • Studio and on-location video and audio recording
  • Video and graphic editing: weaving together the story you want to tell
  • DIY media consultations and support

Additional Services & Support

Our Service Leads and Support Specialists provide service management, support and consultations for the following tools: