What We Do

We work closely with departments, programs, faculty and instructors to transform course materials and implement engaging instructional strategies, both synchronous and asynchronous, to enhance the learner and instructor's online teaching and learning experiences.

Digital Learning Design

Our Digital Learning Specialists work with instructors to:

  • Develop the framework, content, and learning strategies for learners to master the concepts of complicated subject matter and achieve established learning goals.

  • Transform traditional on-ground course material or unpublished, pre-developed academic concepts and content into formats best suited for online learning.

  • Design and support of sychronous learning and content sharing in a highly interactive, engaging format. 

Video & Media Production


  • Art and design concept and creation
  • Scripting, writing, editing, storytelling, and coaching


  • Directing and on-camera coaching
  • Studio and on-location video and audio recording


  • Video and motion graphic editing: weaving together the story you want to tell
  • Reviews, collaboration and edit requests
  • Collaborates on final versions with complete approval and final say from professors and instructors

Services Provided

We provide the following services. If you have a question about a service, please feel free to reach out: digitallearning@berkeley.edu.

  • Digital learning design
  • Technical tool integrations and support
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphic Design and Animation
  • Sound design
  • Post-production
  • Project Management
  • Accessibility Assistance
  • Student and Faculty/Instructor Technical Support
  • Student Academic Support