Turnitin Students Getting Started

Students Get Started with Turnitin

What is Turnitin, and how does it work?

UC Berkeley has licensed Turnitin as an opt-in tool for instructors to verify the originality of student work and to support UC Berkeley’s Honor Code. Turnitin can also help students improve their writing by ensuring that they are properly citing and attributing the work of other authors.

When Turnitin is enabled in a bCourses assignment, the student’s submission is compared against Turnitin’s database of books, journal articles, websites, and other student papers. An “Originality Check” score is then assigned, indicating the percentage of content in a student paper that matches material from other sources.

As a student, how do I submit my work to Turnitin if my instructor requires it?

Where can I find my Originality Check score?

My Turnitin Originality Check Score is over 0%! Should I be concerned?