Online Summer Sessions

Enrollment opens February 1 for UC students and February 15 for Visitors!

Berkeley Summer Sessions offers several online classes developed and managed by DLS. Our learning environment allows you flexibility with your study schedule while you experience the quality and excellence of UC Berkeley classes from the convenience of your own home. Even if you can't physically come to Berkeley, you can still experience the best that UC Berkeley has to offer.

Enrollment and Deadline Changes

Visit the Summer Sessions 2022 Academic Calendar and Enrollment Change Deadlines page. 

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DLS Summer Sessions Courses

Session A

  • ASAMST 20AC Asian American Communities and Race Relations
  • ETHSTD 11ACIntroduction to Ethnic Studies
  • MCELLBI W61 Brain, Mind, and Behavior
  • POLSCI 109B Special Topics in American Politics
  • UGBA 102A Financial Accounting

Session B

  • PHYSICS 77 Introduction to Computational Techniques in Physics
  • PHYSICS W89 Introduction to Mathematical Physics
  • UGBA C155 / UGIS C151 Leadership: Purpose, Authority, and Empowerment

Session C

  • AFRICAM W111 Race, Class, and Gender
  • ASTRON W12 / EPS W12 The Planets
  • COMLIT W60AC Boroughs & Barrios: Moving in & Through NYC & Los Angeles
  • COMLIT 156AC Fiction and Culture of the Americas
  • ECON 157 Health Economics
  • ENERES W100 / PUBPOL W184 Energy and Society
  • ENERES W200 / PUBPOL W284 Energy and Society
  • ENERES W174 Water and Sanitation Justice
  • GWS 130AC Gender, Race, Nation, and Health
  • L&S 1 Exploring the Liberal Arts
  • LINGUIS 100 Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • MEDIAST 10 Introduction to Media Studies
  • MATH W53 Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH W54 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • MATH W128A Numerical Analysis
  • MUSIC 26AC Music in American Cultures
  • NUSCTX W104 Food, Culture, and Environment
  • PHILOS W12A Introduction to Logic
  • POLSCI W3 Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods
  • POLSCI W135 Game Theory in Social Sciences
  • POLSCI W145A Understanding Political Developments in India
  • POLSCI W164A Political Psychology and Involvement
  • PSYCH W1 General Psychology
  • STAT 2 Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT 21 Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business
  • Theater 117AC California Stories: Theatrical Representations of Race, Labor, and Tourism
  • THEATER 118AC Performance, Television, and Social Media

Session D

  • AFRICAM 125AC The History of the Modern Civil Rights Movement
  • ESPM W169 International Environmental Politics
  • L&S C12 The Berkeley ChangemakerTM
  • MCELLBI 55 Plagues and Pandemics

Enroll in an Online Summer Sessions Course

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