Add Lectures to Weekly Landing Pages

Add Lectures to Weekly Landing Pages

When adding lectures, ensure consistency in your layout so that students can follow a pattern; make a statement when you deviate from it. This will increase ‘findability’ and reduce time lost on tasks and frustration levels (Simunich, et al., 2012). bCourses Pages can be used to create a pattern layout for your units of study.

In the Core Template

Week 1 is set up in the page format in the template. You are welcome to edit the layout to create your pattern and designated space for your lectures.

How to Add Your Existing Video Lectures

Due to video loading times, we recommend placing each video on a separate bCourses page and linking that page to your weekly landing page. First, create a new page and name it the same as your lecture. To do this, select Pages from the navigation bar. Next, select the View All Pages button. Then select +Page. Name the page the same as the video. Add a description or directions on the page and save before closing.

Select Pages to add a video lecture to a page

Upload your audio or video file via Kaltura in edit mode through the rich content editor to the new page. The Edit button is at the top right-hand corner of the course page. Kaltura is a third-party tool, so select Tools>Apps>View All on the rich content editor. Then select Kaltura Quick Ingest to upload and embed it to the page.

Kaltura is a third-party tool, so select Tools>Apps>View All on the rich content editor

The first time you use Kaltura, you will need to download and install it on your computer.

How to Record New Lectures

If you need to create new lectures, you could prerecord them via Zoom (with no audience) or Kaltura. Katura is the video recorder and editor available in bCourses. It will automatically close caption your lectures but with some errors, which is fine unless you have a student requiring 100% accuracy (see DSP request form in resources).

How to Add External Media (e.g. YouTube, podcasts, etc.)

Avoid posting media file links directly to the course. Instead, use Kaltura to host external links in your bCourses, especially YouTube which is banned in certain countries. See the Kaltura Guide listed in "Resources" on how to add a YouTube video.

How to Add Your Slides to bCourses

To add your slides or other lecture documents, turn editing on and place your cursor in the location you want it on the course page. As a best practice, post them close to your media lectures. Then use the Insert>Document>Upload Document pathway on the rich content editor, as shown in the screenshot below.

Upload your lecture slides with your lecture.

The newly linked document title will appear on the page. Save before closing.


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Simunich, B., Robins, D., & Kelly, V. (2012). Does findability matter? Findability, student motivation, and self-efficacy in online courses. Kent State University.