Edit the Weekly Landing Pages

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Edit the Weekly Landing Pages

Weekly landing pages are an excellent way to keep your course organized so that students have easy access to relevant course content. Ensuring that students can successfully navigate your course site means that all of their time and focus can be directed to the course. Establishing appropriate heading structure will ensure that your pages are accessible to screen readers, and incorporating images will not only lend an aesthetic appeal to the pages, but will also give students the opportunity to explore course content more thoroughly.

In the Core Template

The DLS Core Template includes text and images that you can replace using the New Rich Content Editor. You’ll notice that the pages are also set up with appropriate accessible heading structure. Oftentimes, it is tempting to bold or underline text in order to draw attention to content, but that practice is not recommended. Utilizing the heading structure included in the template will enable students using screen readers to follow your content in the intended sequence.  

If you are copying material into your course site from a Word or Google document, note that text you copy and paste directly from those documents will most likely come with unwanted formatting. In addition to impacting the visual layout of your course, this formatting can also make it difficult for a screenreader to interpret your text, which impacts the course's accessibility. To avoid this, you can convert your document to a plain text format before copying-and-pasting. You can also select Clear Formatting from the New Rich Content Editor to remove unwanted formatting.

Watch the following video for a tutorial on how to edit the information on the weekly landing pages to organize and present your course content.

Edit Weekly Landing Pages