Update the Homepage Navigation Bar

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Update the Homepage Navigation Bar

Including a navigation bar on the homepage of your course will ensure that students have access to all of the content in an easy-to-navigate way. They won’t have to waste time digging through files or scrolling through lists and are less likely to get lost searching for key resources when these items are included in the navigation bar.

In the Core Template

The course homepage includes a navigation bar at the top where students can easily access different weeks in the course. Once your weekly landing pages are ready, you’ll link to them using this navigation bar. It is very important to note that, if at any point in the course, a weekly landing page is renamed, the link on that navigation bar will need to be updated. If you rename a page you’ll need to remember to repeat the updating process in order to ensure these links are valid and that students can access them effectively.

How to Update Your Navigation Bar

To update the navigation bar on the homepage, go to Home and select the Edit button. You will also immediately land on the homepage when you enter the course site.

Highlight the week you are linking in the navigation bar. You will notice in the template Week 1 is already linked for you. 

Select the week you are linking to in the navigation bar.

From the rich content editor, select Links>Course Links.

Link to a page from Course Links in the dropdown menu.

A panel will open on the right side of the page showing all of the materials you can link to in the course site. Select Pages. You will then see a list of all pages in the course. Select the page you are linking to. Select save at the bottom of the page to complete.

The panel shows all page links in the course.


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