Integrated Tools

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through an online system with easy management and reporting. This common-good tool is available to departments who opt into the service.

Zoom for Instruction

"Zoom for Instruction" provides workshops, consultations and other support for Berkeley instructors using Zoom.

Ally in bCourses

Ally is a set of tools within bCourses that helps make course content more accessible by allowing students and instructors to convert files to HTML, EPUB, electronic braille or MP3 (audio). The Ally tool also provides instructors with visual indicators gauging the accessibility of source files and assigns an accessibility score to each uploaded file.


Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to accommodate a common grading workflow. The software can reveal valuable statistics about students work, and provide a path for students to request re-grades of questions.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provide students and instructors tools that integrate with bCourses Assignments and Quizzes to promote compliance with Berkeley's Honor Code. These opt-in tools are enabled through bCourses, allowing Instructors and TAs to restrict student access to external resources during Quizzes or review Assignment submissions for originality.


Clickers (also known as “Audience Response Systems”, "Classroom Response Systems", and "Student Response Systems") enable instructors to pose questions to their class and immediately collect and view the responses. Clickers are often used to increase student engagement and obtain real-time feedback.


SuiteC provides bCourses users with additional tools to support student engagement and collaboration.


BOA (Berkeley Online Advising) provides academic advisors unified student data from multiple campus services to access information that supports student success.