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Students' Access to Kaltura

Kaltura is available to students in most bCourses sites;  unless the instructor has explicitly disabled My Media and Media Gallery,  students should see My Media and Media Gallery  in the site navigation menu. My Media is a personal repository of media that is non-course specific (i.e., same personal media is available from different courses and locations whenever you go to My Media); all students have their own My Meida.  Media Gallery is site specific and contains content that the instructor has chosen to add to the site; instructors may also set their site's Media Gallery to allow students to contribute to it. 

UC Berkeley Kaltura Knowledgebase Articles

How do I embed Kaltura media in bCourses using the Rich Content Editor?

How do I use the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder?

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Kaltura Vendor Guides

Note: In some cases, vendor guides will reference features that have not been enabled or have been implemented differently at UC Berkeley. Also, please note that bCourses is UC Berkeley’s name for the Canvas LMS. 

How to Use My Media 

How to Use Course Media Gallery 

How to Upload Media

Kaltura Express Capture.

Add Media from YouTube

Kaltura Capture Overview

How to Edit Media

How to Add Chapters and Slides Using the Timeline Tab

General Kaltura + Canvas Tutorials

Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a desktop application that helps you record any combination of voice, webcam video, screen action, and presentation slides (e.g. PowerPoint). You can then upload and manage your recordings alongside other Kaltura content in bCourses using My Media or Media Gallery.


The Kaltura service launch was made possible through the generous support of the UC Berkeley Student Technology Fund.

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